Cannamela Golden Milk

New Product Packaging

PEM Design asked me to work on a new innovative product packaging for the Italian leader brand in spices and seasonings, Cannamela. Golden Milk is a range of 3 turmeric flavored mixes, made of 100% organic spices thought for a ready-made Ayurvedic hot Indian drink. Cannamela Golden Milk was going to be the first turmerc milk mix on the Italian market. the goal was to transmit the healthy /Ayurvedic properties, as well as the exotic Indian feel.

I worked on 3 solutions:

  1. MANDALA. A classic Indian, Tea oriented style that would remind of the 18th century spice trade.
  2. PAISLEY. A more Ayurvedic  approach. Each flavor features different Ayurvedic symbols representing the healing properties of the ingredients.
  3. YOGA POP. An ironic take on new-age holistic healing, for a more user-friendly approach. Thought for the health conscious consumer.

Project role:
Art Director, Designer, Strategist


PEM Design, Torino